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100% Acrylic-Based Finish with Large Mica Chips and Multi -Colored Quartz Aggregates.
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• Advantages »
• Usage »
• Technical data »
• Conditions of usage »
• Substrate preparation »
• Preparation for usage »
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Ameristone T finish is a mixture of variously shaped and colored natural aggregates and mica giving the impression of a natural stone (granite, basalt). The aggregates are set in a 100% acrylic binder base which results in the exceptional protective quality of the com­pleted finish.


  • Excellent UV  resistance  
  • Very good mechanical resistance
  • Excellent natural appearance
  • Stable colors


As a durable finish for Outsulation systems as well as over properly prepared exterior cement plaster, cement board or precast concrete.   Ameristone T may also be used on interior walls.

Technical data

Water absorption [kg/m2]
After 1 hr immersion
ETAG 004
< 1
< 0,05
After 24 hr immersion
ETAG 004
< 1
< 0,23
Impact resistance
With Primus Base Coat Impact 3 J
ETAG 004
No cracks and breaks
Category II
Impact 10 J
ETAG 004
No perforation
Category II
Impact resistance [J]
With Primus Base Coat
ÖNORM B 6100
> 3
Water tightness
Heat – rinse cycle
ETAG 004
no deleterious effect
no deleterious effect
Hest freezing cycle
ETAG 004
no deleterious effect
no deleterious effect
Water Vapour Permeability [m]
 ETAG 004
< 1
< 0,43
Accelerated weathering
2000 hours
no deleterious effect
5000 hours
no deleterious effect
Mildew resistance
ASTM D3273
No growth after 60 days
No growth after 60 days
Salt resistance
ASTM B 117
300 hours
no deleterious effect
Wet scrub resistance
ASTM DH213-83
passes 2000 scrub cycles


Conditions of usage

Air and substrate temperature at the time of application of Ameristone T must be at least +10°C and remain so for the next 48 hours. Work in strong sunlight and on strongly heated surfaces should be avoided. The finish should be protected against rain and damage until it is fully dry or sealant and metal works completed. The preferred temperature (air and wall surface) range for Ameristone T is between 10oC and 31oC and must remain so far for a minimum of 48 hours. Do not apply Ameristone T on surfaces that will receive sealants.

Substrate preparation

The surface should be clean, dry, well bonded and free of tarnishes, blooms, and other agents that may impede application of Ameristone T. The surface should be painted with Color Prime or Color Prime S at least 4 hours in advance in order to correct colors. The surface should be protected against excessive moisture (capillary suction, water drainage, excessive amounts of diffuse water, etc.).


Preparation for usage

Ameristone T finish should be thoroughly mixed with a slow-speed mixer (400–500 rpm) after opening.  Mixing time: between 1 and 1.5 minutes. Do not over mix. 

NOTE: Do not use an aluminium mixer to mix finish.


Method of use

Ameristone T should be trowel applied . Work should be carried out by an experienced professional. Color-coordinated Color Prime shall be applied to all substrates a minimum of four hours prior to application of Ameristone T.   Color Prime or Color Prime S must be fully dry before Ameristone T is applied.  Trowel apply an even layer onto the primed base coat, approximately 1.6 mm  to 3.0 mm  thick.  With a clean metal trowel (with rounded edges), lightly float the surface of the Ameristone T finish using a tight figure 8 pattern.  Float over the finish lightly several times, cleaning the float frequently in the process.  This will bring to the surface the large mica and enhance the granite appearance. 

Drying time:

Approximately 48 hours under average drying conditions (+21°C, and 55% relative humidity). Drying  time in case of lower temperatures and higher relative humidity is longer. The surface should be protected against rain and frost until it is fully dry.


Remarks and restrictions

Minor color deviation will occur due to the natural aggregate and variations in raw materials. To achieve the best color results, material from the same batch should be applied to a specific wall section. Therefore, check batch numbers before applying materials. 

Ameristone T should not be used below grade. 

Ameristone T must never be used alone on exterior applications over any type of gypsum board, foam plastic insulation or other type insulation board.

Ameristone T should not be used on horizontal surfaces exposed to rain. The minimum slope of such surfaces should be at least 27°. 

Clean tools with water while Ameristone T is still wet.



Even though Ameristone T finis­hes demonstrate exceptional use parameters, their perio­dical washing is recommen­ded depending on building location.


Conditions, storage time

Store in sealed original pails at a temperature of at least +4°C for a period not exce­eding 12 months from the manufacturing date, provided on packing. 

Containers should be protec­ted from damage and direct sunlight.


Permission for use


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