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Adhesive with increased flexibility and adhesion for embedding reinforcing mesh.

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Primus M is a polymer--mineral adhesive enriched with polymer resins that is used to embed reinforcing mesh in the Dryvit Outsulation SLK and Dryvit Outsulation M systems. A ready-to-use product is obtained after mixing with water.



1. Base coat for the Dryvit Outsulation SLK and Outsulation M systems. 

2. For embedding reinforcing mesh on EPS boards.




Technical data

Weight: 25 kg (paper bags)


approx. 3.0-3.5 kg/m2 for embedding of Standard mesh.

approx. 4.5-5.0 kg/m2 for embedding of Panzer and Standard mesh.

NOTE: Coverage rate has been determined assuming the product is applied by an experienced professional. The actual coverage may significantly depend on the condition of the substrate as well as application method used and individual experience.

Working time:

Working time of Primus M after mixing with water is 1-2 h, depending on weather conditions.

Drying time:

Approx. 24h when used as a base coat in the Dryvit Outsulation SLK and Dryvit Outsulation M systems(at +20°C and 55% relative humidity). Drying time in case of lower temperatures and higher relative humidity, in particular during autumn months, is longer.

Primus M adhesive requires 28 days to achieve full strength.

Adhesion to EPS boards:

Exceeds cohesion strength between EPS boards.

Vapour permeability:

The Primus Rox M coat is permeable to water vapour.


Conditions of usage

At the time of application and during the next 24 hours, air and substrate temperature may not drop below +5oC. The Primus M adhesive coat should be protected against water during this time. 

Avoid work in direct sunlight and windy conditions.


Substrate preparation

Prior to starting embedding of reinforcing mesh, the front surface of EPS board should constitute a uniform and smooth surface . The EPS board surface should be rasped using sandpaper and dusted off.




Preparation for usage

Depending on weather conditions, pour approx. 5.5Ð6.0 l of potable water into a dry 20 l pail and then gradually add the dry product in portions, stirring with a slow- speed drill (400Ð500 rpm) until a uniform mass is obtained. The mass should next be set aside for 5 minutes for curing. Next, it should be briefly stirred again, adding a small amount of water, if needed. Remixing of the freshly prepared adhesive after 5 minutes as well as the use of the appropriate amount of water is necessary in order to obtain proper consistency and strength of the adhesive.


Method of use

A coat of pre-prepared Primus M should be applied to EPS boards using a stainless steel trowel. The Primus M coat should be approx. 1.6 mm thick and cover a surface slightly larger than mesh width. The mesh should be embedded immediately into the Primus M coat using a stainless steel trowel, moving along its fibres from the middle towards the edges. The mesh should be completely embedded and its colour not visible on any surface. 

Detailed information regarding methods of embedding mesh are provided in the Dryvit Outsulation SLK System (DS.07.3.01) and Dryvit Outsulation M (DS 06.3.01) installation manuals.

Drying time

Approx. 24 h, at +20¡C and 55% relative humidity. Drying time in case of lower temperatures or higher relative humidity, in particular during autumn months, may be significantly longer.





Remarks and restrictions


Approx. 3,0-3,5 kg/m2 for embedding of Standard mesh. 

Approx. 5,0-5,5 kg/m2 for embedding of Panzer and Standard mesh.


Conditions, storage time

Store in original, sealed bags for a period not exceeding 6 months from the date of manufacture placed on the packaging. Protect against moisture and direct sunlight. Minimum temperature during storage and transportation should be at least +4oC.


Permission for use


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